Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Omega 3s!!!

dinner last night quick easy and nutritious for baby!  wild salmon burger with feta and spinach topped with avocado and tomatoes on a everything bagel.  corn and broccoli for even more veggies!
omega 3s are really important for babys brain development especially in the last few months when your baby's brain is fastly developing.  my mom has always preached "eat lots of fish it makes you smarter!"  i guess moms always know best.  when i came across this information after becoming pregnant i couldn't believe what my mom had been saying all along was true.
of course omega 3s come in other forms then fish.  flaxseed is also really high in omega 3s as well as some veggies.  we always have a huge supply of flaxseed in our house, nate has been adding flaxseed to his diet since he found out that it was heart healthy.  we buy flaxseed in bulk and grind it ourselves, it is the most cost effective.  after my botched kidney surgery i discovered flaxseed because i was having some bowel issues.  so flaxseed is also really great if you want to be regular. =)

but the consensus seems to be fish such as salmon, sardines, mackeral, tuna have the highest most uniform omega 3s.  but be careful of what types of fish you choose pregnant women are suppose to stay away from fish that have high levels of mercury like shark, swordfish, tilefish and i've even heard of canned tuna as having high levels of mercury.

we always try to buy wild vs farmed salmon, not only does it taste better there's less chemicals and toxins.  farmed salmon requires a lot antibiotics and chemicals to keep that many fish in packed quarters healthy and clean.  so no thank you i'll stick to my wild caught salmon that aren't on drugs!

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